TTMADRS (2T) – Vision and Mission Statement

(Approved by the 2T Board on October 11, 2023) 

Vision Statement 

2T envisions Fiddlehead Corner, a residential community, that: 

  1. incorporates a shared culture of music, dance, and the arts;
  2. interacts with like-minded people of all ages from the wider environment;
  3. is affordable to a wide range of individuals;
  4. provides an innovative continuum of care across the lifespan;
  5. cultivates community values that embrace all races, all faiths, all cultures and countries of origin, and all sexual and gender orientations. We aspire to build and sustain a safe place for all. 

Mission Statement 

2T’s Mission is to support the creation of: 

  1. a flexible model of community living where all partners collaborate, contribute, and exchange/share their talents and services to create a broad palette of possibilities; 
  2. a community that supports residents as they practice and share their various arts and skills with meaningful engagement across the lifespan;
  3. a community that prioritizes a continuum of care ranging from wellness to resident-engaged end-of-life care;
  4. an inclusive community that incorporates various types of housing and recreation;  
  5. a friendly and environmentally sustainable community with accessible green space and natural areas; and 
  6. a financially sustainable community for current and future residents that can also serve as a model for other, similarly community-minded efforts.