TTMADRS (2T) – Orientation Sign-up


We are planning several free online information / orientation sessions (via Zoom). If you are interested in attending one of these sessions, please indicate all of the dates that you could attend. If you indicate multiple dates, but have a preference for one of them, include a note to that effect in the "Additional message" field.

Which sessions are held is based on the availability of the people who sign up. Should fewer than 6 people sign up for any given date, the session is likely to be canceled; you will be notified if that is the case.

If none of the dates fits your schedule (or if no specific dates are listed below), please select To Be Determined (TBD) afternoon or evening to be invited to the next available session.

    06/11/2024 7:00-9:00pm EDT Tuesday06/30/2024 2:00-4:00pm EDT SundayTBD Weekday eveningTBD Weekend afternoon

    Additional contact information
    Phone number (enter as ###-###-####; requested in case we need to contact you about a cancellation)