Founders Survey 2020

Summary of Survey on Housing, Ownership, and Community Amenities Preferences 

In November 2020 we received completed surveys from 38 Founder households which is 98% of all Founder households.  One third of the respondent households are single-person. 

Most surveyed Founder households won’t be ready to move in until 2024 or later.

Our three core amenities include:

  • a dance/community hall
  • a dining facility/food services
  • a licensed Family Care Home (Household Model)

At least two-thirds of Founder households that responded to the survey indicated that these amenities should be either in place upon move-in or within one year thereafter.

Respondents considered the following other amenities (on- or off-site) essential or important (by the percentages shown):

  • cultural/recreational facilities: 82%
  • a licensed Skilled Nursing Facility: 66% 
  • access to health care with a physician or nurse practitioner and in-home assistance with activities of daily living: 50%

The survey results on housing preferences suggest a development which prioritizes semi-detached dwellings first, apartments second, and single family residences in the third phase, but also realizes that a mix of housing is important in each phase.