It’s Not Over

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Acute post-hospital care at home?  The Pandemic has changed healthcare for good, and for the better  That's promising.
Virtual assisted living at home?  Assisted Living That Doesn't Involve Real Estate    I'm encouraged.
Skilled nursing? Nobody WANTS to Live in a Nursing Home  Bring on the unconventional, please.

OK, But what about the toughest situation of all - dementia care?

The Danish documentary "It Is Not Over Yet brings audiences inside a dementia care home that does things differently. ... At Dagmarsminde, the staff work to make residents’ final years comfortable and pleasurable, with as little medicine and as much cake as possible. Their approach of “compassionate care” subverts the standard approach to treating dementia, which relies heavily on medication like antipsychotics and attempts to re-ground patients in reality." - Madeline Lines, POV (Point of View) magazine

Read the full overview of the documentary:
Or, just to see the trailer:

People who attended the June 2021 Full Frame Documentary Festival in Durham, NC had the opportunity to view "It's Not Over Yet".

Bree Kalb, one of those lucky Festival goers, provided the following review: "The documentary "It's Not Over Yet," is an absolutely stunning, moving film about a sweet and loving dementia care center in Denmark. It seems so close to what 2T would like to provide for ourselves." AND “I just watched this and had tears in my eyes the entire time. I would be much less fearful of dementia if I thought I'd have this kind of care. The movie, and the place, is just beautiful. It could be a model for 2T."

Want to see the documentary yourself?  Unless you can find another documentary film festival that is showing it, you must wait for it to be made available for private viewing in the U.S.  2T Board director, Mareah Steketee, tracked down the distributor in Denmark and hopes to know when it becomes available in the U.S.  When it does, we will post the details here.